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When you right hither the term “Tiffany lamp” what comes to mind? If you ar picturing an refined table or floor lamp with a gorgeous stained glass shade, you’re on the correct track. But did you know non all Tiffany lamps had been developed equal? If you are searching to acquire a Tiffany lamp, its crucial to know the distinction.

The initial and by far the most valuable type of Tiffany lamp ar the originals. Made in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s by Tiffany Studios in New York, founder Louis Comfort Tiffany took his information and talent for creating stained glass windows and applied it to the creation of these special lamps. Tiffany was elysian by the European Art Nouveau motion, using free flowing designs found in nature. His elaborate lamps had been well-known in the course of the early 1900′s, however, by Louis’ death in 1933, Art Moderne and Expressionism were on the rise and so the demand for Tiffany lamps declined. During the subsequent two decades, these lamps became obsolete. Thankfully, by the late 1950′s, Tiffany’s styles had been rediscovered by museums and collectors. These days, original Tiffany lamps are really worth numerous thousand to several hundred thousand dollars and are prestigious as valuable works of art.

The next greatest factor to owning an original Tiffany lamp is to find a Tiffany reproduction lamp. Reproduction Tiffany lamps ar actual reproductions of the original Tiffany lamps and ar produced using the identical strategies. This contains the Copper Foil Approach, which solders little pieces of colored glass collectively to produce styles divine by Louis Comfort Tiffany and the Art Nouveau movement. Tiffany reproductions are also at times referred to as Tiffany type lamps. These lamps typically retail for a couple of hundred dollars.

What you want to stay away from when buying a Tiffany lamp ar the cheap knock-offs. Theses lamps are made with plastics and glue or have complete shades created from a mold. These type of lamps are non worthy of the Tiffany name and have much less worth than genuine made Tiffany lamps. If you find a Tiffany lamp with a cost that seems as well great to be correct, locate out more about how it was created. Or you can stick with authorized dealers of genuine reproduction Tiffany lamp companies such as Meyda Tiffany and Dale Tiffany.

Tiffany lamps bring the beauty of a large stained glass window indoors, utilizing artificial light as an alternative of daylight to accentuate light shining via the vividly colored glass. These lamps work properly with a variety of distinct design and colour schemes. Tiffany lamps offer accent lighting with an aesthetic flare.

Lava Lite 2135 14.5′/20 oz. Stardust Glitter Lamp, Blue

Lava Lite 2135 14.5'/20 oz. Stardust Glitter Lamp, BlueProduct Description
LAVA® brand lamps are the original. For 40 years, LAVA® has captivated generations with their trademarked shape and timeless styles. Don’t accept substitutes. Demand the original….the registered LAVA® brand. They are the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, or party space. Simply turn on this lamp and set the mood.
Compare Lava Lite 2135 14.5'/20 oz. Stardust Glitter Lamp, Blue

Product Features

  • Sparkly, fun 14-1/2-inch high glitter lamp from original lava lamp manufacturer, Lava Lite
  • Sleek silver chrome lamp base and cap; 20-ounce glass globe contains silver glitter that swirls through blue liquid
  • Heated and illuminated by preinstalled 25-watt light bulb; avoid running lamp for more than 10 hours
  • Do not move or shake lamp while hot; place out of reach of small children and animals
  • Lamp measures 4 by 4 by 16-3/5 inches and weighs 3 pounds; 90-day limited warranty

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