Italian Glass Chandeliers

Italian Glass Chandeliers

Italian Glass Chandeliers

Italian Glass Chandeliers

Murano glass chandeliers hail from Murano, a Venetian island. Their diachronic past is interconnected closely with the diachronic past of Venetian glass and the globe renowned Venetian glass makers. Chandeliers hailing from Murano ar Venetian masterpieces, which function with the virtually of all chandeliers, but also as extravagant and beautiful operates of art. They have an extensive and fascinating background and continue to be produced in Venice nowadays, and continue to be one particular of the Venetian glassmaking industries best-recognized and most universally productive products.

These fairly and coquettish glass chandeliers became well-known following the iron, wood and brass era of chandeliers, and instantly brought a new dimension of enjoyable and style to the idea of chandelier. While the chandeliers mightiness have a very entertaining and pleasant physical appearance, the production of Murano glass has been a matter of critical seriousness for centuries. It was round the year 1700 that Venetian glassmakers started to create the really very first Murano glass chandeliers. Venetian glass had been in production given that the early 13th century, and was renowned as the most beautiful and purest glass in the planet. Venetian glassmakers had always excelled astatine generating really beautiful and authentic functions of art for the individuals of Murano, and it wasn’t extended just before they employed their glass to produce many other products, such as Murano glass mirrors, and, of course, Murano glass chandeliers.

Traditionally, a Murano chandelier would function intricate arabesques of leaves and flowers and would usually also incorporate coloured glass, made achievable by the unique sort of glass the glassmakers of Murano used. The glass they worked with was so unique, as it was soda glass (famed for its extraordinary lightness), but also contained a tiny high quality of lime, and was a full contrast to all various kinds of glass made in the world at that time. Murano glassmakers have been extremely attached to the production to make sure that every chandelier would be made completely. The precision required to twist and form the chandelier required a massive amount of skill and time.

The earlier example of a Venetian glass chandelier was one made for Frederick IV of Denmark, who travelled to Murano in 1709, specifically to acquire a chandelier, and by 1718, a chandelier was to be found in his inventory, on with dissimilar other Venetian glassware, and continues to hang in the palace today.
The production of glass in Murano fell in 1797 due to the occupation of the Venetian republic by the armies of Napoleon, and legion(p) of the glassworks closed and the production of the Murano glass chandeliers halted. This was until the mid 19th century, when a revival of Murano glass production took spot, and Venetian and Murano glass and their goods became intensely well-liked again. In modern day day, Murano glass chandelier’s continued to be extremely well-known and one of the most beautiful and cosmetic kinds of chandelier. Any proprietor of a Murano chandelier appreciates that they ar a beautiful and magnificent and genuinely unique work of art.

Safari Collection Italian Amber Glass Pendant Chandelier

Safari Collection Italian Amber Glass Pendant ChandelierProduct Description
This Safari Collection pendant chandelier features Italian Amazon art glass suspended with aircraft cables in a satin silver finish. Supplied with integral slope adapter in canopy and 6″, 16″ and 22″ unseamed rod options. Maximum duration is 10 feet with optional rods. A great look from Access Lighting. Satin silver finish. Italian Amazon art glass. Takes three 60 watt bulbs (not included). 18″ wide. 34″ high.
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